Herbal medicine is the natural and oldest type of medicine, which uses the whole plant or typical part such as the leaf, flower, fruit and roots treating various types of ailment and diverse kinds of diseases.

Herbal medicine, the oldest medical therapy that uses plant as therapy to cure illness, by treating the underlying causes;  Herbal medicine helps to restore and maintain the body balance and well being; symptoms are alleviated rather than just being suppressed.

While pharmaceutical drugs are based on isolated or synthetic “active ingredient”, herbal medicine uses the natural whole plant or appropriate part such as the leaf, flower, fruit and roots.  Plants contain hundreds of components that interact in complex ways producing effects that are often lost or distorted when extracted and used independently.

Several types of fresh fruits {apple, apricot, banana, cherry, fig, grape, mediar, melon, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, water melon, yellow plum} are developed by the present authors by using a superoxide dissimulates {SOD} biosensor.

Traditional herbal medicine is just one of many different approaches to use plant as remedies. It’s an African Heritage since most of the best medicinal plants are from Africa.  Traditional herbal medicine has been used in African for centuries and it remains popular even in the era of orthodox medicine and modern pharmaceuticals.

Like many complementary therapies, herbal medicine aims to be holistic-it aims to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms and to encourage the body to heal itself. Herbal practitioners believe that the delicate chemical balance of the whole herb is needed for greatest effect and to reduce potential side effects, different parts of the same plant such as the flowers or seeds can have very different action.


Herbal medicine is not about isolating the active ingredients from a plant, which is the way that conventional medicines are often derived.




There are some herbal medicines available that are considered to treat almost any common complaint, but there is usually limited scientific evidence to buttress this claim. Some herbal treatments are more established and have undergone some clinical test. These include:


Our products are made from pure natural herbs for different types of diseases and ailments that affect human beings.  We maintain 100% herbs in our mixtures.

There has been complied evidence that our products have been tested by National Agency for Food, Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and proven good for human health and consumption. Our products are packaged in syrup, powder, tea, tablet and capsules form.


We also specialize in treatment of spiritual attacks. These are the ailments that cannot be diagnosed using the conventional approach. Solution to these ailments is outside the confines of the physical realm and faculties. It can be solved through spiritual approach only and by a medical practitioner using natural African herbs and spiritual power.