This is a situation where by one cannot afford to acquire or maintain the basic necessities of life it is called poverty. Sometimes, the cause of poverty is beyond the ordinary comprehension. The people of the night such as witches and wizards, destiny, family curse or karma can contribute largely to the occurrence of poverty in the life of man. At African Heritage Naturalist Care Ltd, we will diagnose the client’s problem spiritually in order to ascertain the cause of poverty and will proffer appropriate solution to it. According to ifá in a stanza of Ọ̀KÀNRÀN- Ọ̀SẸ̀ Ọ̀KÀNRÀN- Adà’sẹ́ nu, ifá says thus;

Àtẹ́lẹwọ́ sisẹ́ – sisẹ́ wọ́n ò lẹ́rú
Àtẹ́lẹṣẹ̀ yẹ̀nà-yẹ̀nà wọ́n ò yá’wọ̀fà
Dífá fun Ọlọ̀kànràn
To tí ńrugbá ìsẹ́ kiri
Wọ́n ni kó sáka-lẹ̀ ẹbọ ni síse
`Njẹ́ ìsẹ́ mi tan o
Ọrọ̀ ló kù
Mo dè ibú ẹri mo wẹ̀ ‘ṣẹ́ nù

The palm worked tirelessly without a slave to lend a helping hand
The sole also worked on the road without having a pawn
This was the ifá cast for Ọlọ̀kànràn
He who has been carrying a calabash of poverty about
He was advised to offer sacrifice
He complied
Behold! My poverty has ended
I’m left with wealth
I have been to the deep river and cleanse myself of poverty.

Disappointment can also lead one to live in penury whereby one experiences unconsummated fortune all the time. Sometimes, these disappointments are spiritual in nature and can only be tackled spiritually. At African Heritage, we will help you find solution to this kind of spiritual problem. In a stanza of Òfún Nogbè (Òfún-Ogbè), Ifá says:

Ẹ̀gàn roro awo ẹyẹ
Dífá fún ẹyẹ
Ẹyẹ yóó ma fi ohun gbogbo ṣòwò àmúbọ́
Wọ́n ní kó rúbọ
Ó gbẹ́bọ, ó rúbọ
Òní ò, ẹyẹ rúbọ
Ohun ẹyẹ mú, kò ní bọ́ sọnù
Òní ò, ẹyẹ rúbọ

Ẹ̀gàn roro, the awo of bird {ẹyẹ}
Cast Ifá for bird, {ẹyẹ}
Bird {ẹyẹ} was always facing disappointments
Bird {ẹyẹ} was advised to offer sacrifice
Bird {ẹyẹ} complied
Today, eye has offered sacrifice
And is no more faced with disappointments
Because it has offered the prescribed sacrifice