African Heritage Naturalist Care limited is a registered company in Nigeria under Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja. We specialize in African natural herbs for any types of disease such as, Hypertension, diabetes, strokes, impotence or weak erection, quick ejaculation, irregular menses, low sperm count, enlarge your weight or reduce your weight, enlarge your breast or reduce your breast, enlarge your penis, fibroid growth, tuberculosis, asthma, gonorrhea, STD and HIV, good health & longevity for individuals including family. Do you want God’s Mercy and favour? Do you want to inquire about what future holds for you, why things are so hard for you and way to succeed in life? Seek knowledge and wisdom, general love & favour, Protection from spiritual attack, marital problems, infertility, bad dream, removal of curses and other vagaries of life, wealth and progress, Political power.  Stop bothering your life unnecessarily, with God all things are possible

There is no problem greater than God! Do you have any of these problems?

Our health care company was established to serve as an independent intermediary between African natural herbs to cure diseases and the people suffering from disease without the help of a surgeon.  To let them know those African natural herbs can cure any diseases without surgery or any form of operation.

Before the introduction and emergence of orthodox medicine, Africa has been blessed by God since the beginning of creation with herbs and roots being the greatest sources of all naturally given heritage being transferred to us through our forefathers for the sustenance of mankind.

Over the years, herbs and roots of various kinds {the great African heritage} have been the major sources of raw materials to the pharmacologists in the production of various orthodox medicines. In view of these, Africa has been a major resource center for collection, research and growing of these herbs and roots for the treatment of various ailments and curing diverse diseases.

Another interesting aspect of African heritage is spiritualism. African spiritualism as it is largely called involves the use of spiritual power and super-natural forces to heal many spiritual attacks that affect people’s lives. As a result, people suffer from barrenness, miscarriage, mental ill health, misfortune, premature death, contention/litigation, loss, blindness, paralysis, etc.

The natural spiritualists are able to access this spiritual power of healing through the consultation of some oracles, one of which is IFA {Olókun Aṣọ̀rọ̀ dayọ̀}. Its efficacy is undoubtedly as it is often times backed up with appropriate solutions.