About Us

Dedicated to bringing you uniquely formulated blends of high quality herbal products

Thank you for visiting African Heritage Naturalist Care Ltd, Herbal Powers. We are a Nigeria-based herbal Products Company of herbal supplements and natural foods industry.

Our company is dedicated to bringing you nature’s best remedies from around the world. Because we understand that your health and quality of life are what inspire you to consider supplements and nutraceuticals, we offer products that are effective and of high quality while striving to provide enough information to enable you to make educated decisions. This is accomplished by:

  • Working with scientists who are at the forefront of herbal medicine and scientific research. In our raw materials business, we work regularly with a number of PhD’s known to be leaders in World Health research.
  • Creating synergistic botanical formulations for unique and beneficial effectiveness. Our formulation team heavily researches a wide range of botanicals to put together what we consider the best herbal blends.
  • Making information available. We are continuously learning more about the newest research on herbs and their activity in human physiology. Our team culls that information and tries to make it understandable to our clients.
  • Respecting our clients. We often find our clients are the best source of determining what is important and actively incorporate that into our decisions as a company. In fact, much of the web page build out and redesign is in response to suggestions from our clients.

We are a small, family-style company that puts health first. All of our products are analyzed for quality and have passed toxicology tests far beyond standard measurements.

African Heritage Naturalist Care Limited was incorporated in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission.  African Heritage Naturalist Care Limited as a company is a family inheritance from Dr Kassim Babatunde Abiola’s late father.

The company was established with the motive of restoring good health in the human life and human spirit, this is a company that uses pure natural herbs in the cure of diseases and spiritual healing.

To every initiative and ideal business, there are reasons why it must be improved and expanded. The love of nature and humanity propelled Dr. Kassim B Abiola to further more on herbal healing and to proclaim the goodness, efficiency and reliability of African herbs and healing solutions.

In furthering his research in African herbs, he went to Republic of Ireland to study more about Western herbs.  With African heritage, we make use of African herbs to cure disease and all problems are solved!

The company is based in Nigeria with our head office located in Lagos state, Ogun state and Port-Harcourt state also our overseas branch in Republic of Ireland and London.